Fly V80 – An Excellent One Among Dual SIM Fly Mobile Phones

Dual SIM feature was launched for the very first time in Chinese mobile phone markets and after scrolling down there, this feature came into the Indian markets as well. However its price was too high which could not be purchased easily by dual SIM lovers. In such a situation, when every mobile phone company was launching this feature in heavy prices, Fly Mobile Company stepped ahead and launched Fly Mobile Phones in very affordable prices that were far low that that from other mobiles.

It is quite important to use this double SIM feature because it enables you to maintain a separation between your official calls and your personal calls. Hence Fly models have made it possible for you within a year from the date you came across this term. Flyingslot

The simplest model among the Fly Models is Fly V80 which is basically launched to offer dual SIM facility in the cheapest price. This mobiles is completely black in color however this black color is due to rubber coating on its peripheral surface and also its look has been made somewhat fascinating by introducing silver colored line in the keypad in between every row.

The most attractive specialty of its double SIM service is that in one slot, it supports GSM service where as in other slot in supports CDMA service. So this feature differentiates this phone from rest of the Fly Mobile Phones. Also it has been equipped with a TFT display of 1.85 inches. It is worth to be noticed that its battery back up is excellent in spite of running two SIM concurrently.


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