What It Was Like to Pull Into Pakistan on a Destroyer and See the Sites

We were supposed to tie up to a pier in Karachi, Pakistan, but there were some problems when we pulled in, we were a destroyer that carried nuclear weapons, and the people of Karachi, did not want our ship tied up to the pier. so some rule, was we had to anchor out at least one mile, from shore.

We were able to do that, and the ride into land, on smaller boats, we always bring with us, whenever we go on a deployment, was not to bad a ride into shore. There were lots of boats around, so there was something to see everywhere you looked.

Before we pulled into port in Karachi, Pakistan, we were told about what to do, and what to avoid doing, just like any other port, we pull into. For Pakistan, the Navy told us, don’t eat any of the products that contain refrigerated items, because you might get sick, and other things like that, they would tell us to watch out for.

They told us, that the Holiday Inn, in Karachi, was the best place to eat. It was very expensive to stay there, and most everyone stay on the ship at night time. Almost everyone from the ship, ate their meals at the Holiday Inn, because that was the only place, anyone really felt safe eating, the food.  먹튀검증사이트

I remember walking down the streets of Karachi, Pakistan, and thinking to myself, “My God, this place is just like I used to think it would look like, when I was a kid, and we would sit around the table for dinner, and my dad would watch the news, and Walter Kronkite would be on, while we ate dinner, at the same time, most evenings.” When I was walking down the road, which you do in Karachi, since there really is, no sidewalk, for anyone to walk on.

The road would be so damaged looking. The roads would be littered with big junks of boulders, or concrete pieces, and old tires, and stuff was just thrown just about anywhere on, and in the middle of the road, it seemed to me. We would not see any ladies around.

If we did see any woman, they would all be dressed in black, from head to toe, pretty much everything was covered up, except for their eyes. Pakistan was the first country I had been to, that had woman dress up that way, just like I used to see on TV, as a kid. I can’t believe the woman put up with it, but these countries are way back in time, if you ask me.

Me and the guys wondered, “How you would get laid in this country? Where was all the pussy, we wanted to know.” It was not there, and no alcohol either. I remember walking down the street, and I went over to this one cement wall, and it did not have any glass in the window, but it did have bars across the front of it. When I looked in, I saw two woman inside, and they were still dressed in the black garbs they wear outside, then one of them saw me, and yelled something in their language, and I kept on going, back up the road.


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