Get Your Articles Published by Authority Sites

First and foremost, you must submit your articles to the top article directories. The top two, in my opinion, are and The reason that this is so important is because many e-zine and web site owners turn to the best when searching for articles to publish. They know that these sites have strict guidelines and that the articles in their databases have been reviewed and are ready to publish.

Next, and not necessarily any less important, you really need to go out and find popular sites in your niche. If you notice that a popular site publishes articles written by others and they include the authors’ by-lines, then you should be e-mailing them. In the e-mail be sure to provide a link to some of your work. This link could be to your author bio from one of the big article sites that shows a list of all of your articles or it could be your own site.

Just by sending out an e-mail, you are showing that Webmaster that you have initiative and that you are determined. If your articles look good, in most cases, they will tell you that they would be happy to publish your articles. 메이저사이트

Now let’s discuss the advantages of getting published by authority web sites. Of course you will receive the obvious, high PR links to your site and hopefully some traffic from their viewers. What you may also receive is free traffic from their newsletter. Most major sites publish a weekly newsletter which may very well contain your articles. If the site abides the copyright laws, your signature block will also be in there. Getting your articles published in major newsletters can really boost your site visitors. There will be times where you notice a huge surge in traffic to your site. In most cases this is due to newsletter syndication.

Another huge advantage to article syndication is that your name will be out in the open. This will build a strong reputation and recognize you as a subject matter expert in your niche. This can be a huge advantage and it all starts just by sending out a few emails a day. Think of people like Willie Crawford, who is a well known Internet marketer. Willie can publish an article today and within a week that same article will be published on hundreds of different sites. The reason this happens is because Willie is known as a subject matter expert in the Internet marketing community.


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