Heavy Metal Guitar Tricks and Tips For the Aspiring Rock and Heavy Metal Player

There are a number of guitar tricks and techniques used by rock and heavy metal players all of the time that may seem unusual or complicated to the average beginner or intermediate player. However, mastering these techniques and tricks are truly the only way to master some of the more technical aspects of playing heavy metal and rock. Below we will share some great ideas with you about where to start on your journey into heavy metal and teach you exactly what techniques you will need to learn.

Of course one of the first steps you are going to want to take is to learn the basics of these genres such as power chords and picking and strumming techniques. However, once guitarists have mastered these, they often do not know where to turn in order to progress their playing even further. Here are a few great ideas to get you started.

Using tap harmonics is a technique that is widely used in both rock and heavy metal. It may seem complicated at first, but mastering this technical method is something that can allow you to increase your skill set and overall dexterity. Heavy News

Other extremely popular technique that most metal guitarist will want to master is sweep picking and string skipping diminished arpeggio techniques. These are commonly used in heavy metal and rock music these days and allow players to create sounds that seem extremely complex but truly aren’t that hard to play with the right techniques.

For all guitarists trying to learn to shred like some of their favorite classic rock guitarists, if there is one technique that is a must its speed picking. Speed is synonymous with heavy metal and rock and roll and mastering the blazing fast speed of the best guitarists doesn’t come easy. The great news is there are an abundance of speed picking guitar tricks and lessons available online these days that make it much easier to learn.

The dry, muffled sound that is commonly associated with heavy metal music and specifically power chords is often made with the help of palm muting techniques. While muting strings with your palm may seem easy to some players at first, it often gets more complicated when it involves complex riffs that call for the muting of only certain strings at certain times. Most beginner and intermediate guitar players will be well served by finding a great heavy metal palm muting guitar tricks lesson online.

Every guitarist that has been playing for a long time will tell you that it takes a lot of time and practice in order to play like the heavy metal and rock legends. However, with the access to so many great resources and educational material online these days, it’s truly easier than it has ever been before to learn. If you are interested in mastering some of the techniques mentioned above, don’t hesitate to find some great DVD or tablature lessons online and start improving your skill set today.


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