Why the Joker Mask For Halloween Will Be the Top Costume Choice

Are you set on going with a Joker Mask for Halloween? If so, arianm you’ll find that it is definitely a great costume to consider. With the popularity of The Dark Knight, many people are considering this type of a costume this Halloween.

While the movie was definitely popular and it really brought to life the characters within it, you’ll find that the Joker just about stole the limelight from Batman in the movie despite being the bad guy. Here are a few tips that will help you to choose the perfect Joker Mask this year.

Tip 1 – Pick a Mask That Flatters Your Personality – When you are trying to pick out the right Joker Mask for Halloween, you’ll want to pick out a mask that flatters your personality. If you happen to be more of a ladies man in an evil sort of way, then consider going with the mask from the Caesar Romero character, who was elegant and known as quite the ladies man. mandaltempotraveller

Of course he later went on to be on the wanted list of Gotham City, but he still had charmed the ladies at one time. On the other hand, if you have a dark side and you’re a bit twisted, then the latest Joker portrayed by Heath Ledger could be the perfect choice. It definitely portrays the aspect of horror and the twisted side of evil. asia999

Tip 2 – Find a Mask with Hair – Another thing to remember when choosing your Joker mask is to try to find one that has hair with it. It can be difficult to replicate the joker hair on your own, and you probably won’t want to have to purchase a wig too. So, look for the masks that come with the hair attached to them so you get the entire look for one price. shoplocalgta

Tip 3 – See if It Comes with a Costume – While the mask could stand alone as your get up added clothing will definitely help you complete the look. While it is relatively easy to come up with some great costume choices from eccentric pieces of clothing from your closet, if you can get the mask with the accompanying accessories you’ll go a long way to becoming the center of attention at your Halloween party. actualidad-logistica

Tip 4 – Compare Prices – Before you decide to buy the Joker Mask for Halloween or the rest of the costume, you may want to compare prices first. There are many sites online that offer costumes and masks but be sure to shop around. While it won’t cost you and arm and a leg one of the major cost factors could be shipping and this is where you will want to pay attention to the prices being offered. netnaijas

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