Brainstorming and Mind Maps

Let us start with a simple definition of what a mind map is. Simply put it is a picture based around a central idea. It is made up of a series of lines, ideasandmind keywords, images and colours. The elements of the map are used to represent ideas and tasks.

They are used to take a core idea and enable the writer to clarify and structure the main idea. Using the central idea the elements of the map are organised into branches from the central theme.

Here are some steps that can be followed to create one:


  1. Start in the middle of the map with an image of core topic
  2. As progressing through the process try to use images, pictures, and colours throughout the mind map.
  3. As you are brainstorming your ideas you should record keywords and ideas
  4. Each key idea should be put on its own line
  5. Starting at the central idea the lines radiate outward. As an idea is expanded new lines are connected to the parent line and so on. As they move outwards the lines themselves should get thinner.
  6. Each line should be the same length as the word/image they support.
  7. It is essential to use colour throughout the mind map as colour is better for the mind to remember the content of the map.
  8. As you develop your mind map you should use link the ideas together
  9. Don’t make the map to complex – if an idea looks like it will develop into a major concept you should look at creating a new map for that idea and link the maps together.


So, now we know that they are created around the central idea you should see that this main concept can be the topic of your article. As you think about the topic you can put your ideas into it by adding to the nodes as appropriate. This means you are building the outline of your article without worrying about the hierarchical nature of other methods. It is also a method that allows you to work on a topic by freely developing ideas without thinking about how the end article will be structured. ideashackers

The use of colour, images, words, lines, links etc is useful in balancing the left and right sides of the brain. There is some theory that by using both sides of the brain your creative capabilities are enhanced and you will write better articles.


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