Book A Las Vegas Or Tusayan Air Tour To The Grand Canyon And Celebrate Christmas In Style

You may not realize it, but the Christmas holiday is the ideal time to take a trip to the Grand Canyon. The landscape is beautiful and it’s a fantastic way to celebrate the season. An airplane tour or a helicopter tour of the scenic Canyon is a fantastic idea for a quick Christmas getaway.

There are plenty of tours running over the holidays, you can take a tour every day except for Christmas Day when helicopter tours do not operate. You can catch one of the flights in Vegas or in Arizona. The Arizona tours depart from Tusayan, which is at the South Rim, Jeeter so the Tusayan tours fly over the South Rim while the Vegas tours fly over the West Rim.

Touring By Airplane

The helicopter routes and airplane routes are the same, so no matter which type of air tour you choose, you’ll see the same sights. The flight to the Canyon from Vegas takes about thirty minutes, and you’ll fly over Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam on the way to the West Rim. Going by airplane is a little faster than going by helicopter.

When you book an airplane tour from Vegas, you can book a landing tour that lands on top of the rim. You can add things on to your tour such as a helicopter ride down to the Canyon floor or tickets to walk on the Skywalk. The Skywalk is a huge glass viewing platform that extends out 70 feet over the edge of the rock Canyon wall.

You’ll enjoy a South Rim airplane tour too. These air tours allow you to see a vast part of the Canyon as you fly from the South Rim to the North Rim and the eastern boundary of the Park. sport tape

Although the airplanes and helicopters fly the same routes on the air tours, the airplanes have to fly at a higher altitude. Even so, you’ll have a great view from your seat on the plane because of the large viewing windows and the fact that nothing, not even the wings, obstruct your view because of the way the planes are designed.

The Helicopter Tour

If you’re looking for the optimum way to tour the Canyon, then you want to book a helicopter tour. These tours are also available as landing tours when you go to the West Rim out of Vegas. The air-only tours circle the Canyon and head back to Vegas, but the landing tours set down on the Canyon floor or on top of the rim.

Landing on top of the rim has its appeal since that is where the Skywalk is located. The Skywalk stands 4000 feet above the Canyon floor, and walking across it is nearly as exciting as taking the helicopter flight.

Of course, flying to the bottom of the Canyon is thrilling too, and you can toast your ride with a champagne picnic when you get there. Since you’ll land by the river, puertomaldonadotours you can book a boat tour along the Colorado River as it wends along the Canyon wall. You can add on as many options as you want, so you can create a fun tour you’ll always remember.

While the landing tours are great fun, there is a way to make yours even more enjoyable. Choose a deluxe tour. The deluxe tours are better because they fly on superior choppers and they lift off from The Strip. The deluxe tour packages even come with free limousine transportation to and from the helipad.

The EcoStar 130 helicopter is used on the deluxe tours. Since this helicopter is made for sightseeing, the ride is very comfortable and you’ll get the best views possible. None of the seats have obstructed views since they are arranged stadium style. The massive viewing window provides panoramic views since it wraps around the helicopter. If you can afford the deluxe upgrade, you should take it.

Helicopter Tours From Tusayan

Sine the helicopters fly the same path as the airplanes, you can expect to see the North Rim and eastern border of the Park as well as the South Rim on your tour. You could also choose a shorter helicopter tour that just flies to the North Rim and back to the South Rim, but the longer one is best if you can book it because it flies over 75 percent of the National Park.


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