Richell Pet Gates – Should I Get a Pressure Mounted Or a Free Standing Pet Gate?

If you have a dog or cat living with you then you know that sometimes is necessary to limit their access to certain areas of your home for various reasons. Sometimes you have to do it for their safety or for hygienic reasons, temporarily or more permanently. Getting a pet gate can be a very convenient and simple solution. They are quite easy to use and you don’t need to do any modifications in your home to install it.

Why getting a Richell pet gate?

There are many different varieties of pet gates on the market today: plastic, wooden, wide, retractable, adjustable, free standing, pressure mounted, Gated etc. The choices are multiple and sometimes confusing.

Richell is one of the most popular pet gate’s manufacturers among pet owners. They offer various wooden gate models but there are basically two main categories: the pressure mounted and the free standing pet gates.

The pressure mounted gates

Pressure mounted gates can be installed on doorway or hallway openings. The gates have doors that allow you to pass through without having to remove the entire unit. The door can be opened in both directions but it has a secure lock button and door stopper that keeps it firmly in place. So,

the pressure mounted gates are ideal if you want a more permanent solution for certain areas of your house.

The pressure mounted gates have to be installed but the procedure is simple and quite quick, even though you’ll probably need the assistance of someone while centering the gate right in place. The gate is installed just by turning a knob to secure the gate’s unit in place.

The most popular Richell pressure mounted gate is the One-Touch Adjustable Pet Gate. It has a wider variation (the One-Touch 150 model) and several colors to choose from.

In the pressure mounted category you can find as well the Easy Lock models (with a narrower gap between the door spindles) and the Dog Sitter gates (low profile gates). Because of these characteristics these gates are considered ideal for puppies, smaller sized dogs or cats.

The free standing gates

The free standing gates are self supportive gates that need no installation (just simple assembly).

This type of pet gate is ideal when you need to close wide entrances and doorways but you don’t have any suitable walls to install a pressure mounted gate. The great thing about them is that you can move them around your living space and put them wherever you need. When not in use you can just fold and store them. So, I would say that, this gate is a more flexible solution.

Even though there are not fix gates they are sturdy enough to confine your dog or cat. These gates have a hardwood construction, side panels and a large base that prevents them from tipping over. On the other hand they are low enough for you to stride them over. Most free standing gates models can be adjusted in width.

The Richell free standing gates come in many different variations considering their width, height, style and color.

A durable and elegant gate

As I already mentioned, pay4d the Richell pet gates are made of high quality wood. Furthermore they have a clean, simple and elegant design making them suitable for every type of home decor.

The Richell pet gates are well engineered and made of high quality materials, so they are a product that is going to last for many years.

As far as the price is concerned it varies depending from the model, quality of the material and size, and it ranges from 70 $ (for the Pet Sitter Gate) to 240 $ (for the Convertible Elite Pet Gate).


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