Stamping on Candles – ‘Scent’sational Results

Candle Stamping with clear stamps is a unique, yet fascinating form of stamping. From creating gifts to adding a theme to your décor, you will find this a lovely, quickstamp and ‘sensational stamping craft.

You Will Need

o A hot air blow dryer or heat embossing tool.

o, Clear stamps and clear stamping blocks.

o Candles of any size

o Square ink pads

Choosing a Candle and Clear Stamp quick stamp

Candle stamping results will vary a little from one candle to the next depending on wax and size. My preference is votives as they are small and easy to work with.

The clear stamp you choose for your candle stamping project must of course fit on your chosen candle. I recommend using a clear stamp image no larger than a 1-1/2″ square. Keep in mind that the clear stamp may be used multiple times if desired. Clear stamps are preferred for candle stamping as you can see exactly what you are doing as you stamp. quickstamp

Preparation for Stamping

Once the wax is heated you don’t have much time to get your clear stamping image imprinted in the wax before it hardens again, so everything needs to be ready. Ink your clear stamp with any color of water-based ink. This is to protect your stamp from wax clinging to the design. With candle stamping, there is always the possibility of wax clinging to the clear stamp but this step will help. quick stamp

Heating the Wax

Use the hot air blow dryer or heat embossing tool to direct warm air onto the candle surface. Keep in mind that for candle stamping you are only trying to soften the wax, not melt it. The surface of the candle will become shiny when it is warm.

Stamping the Candle

As soon as you turn off the heat you must stamp your image onto the candle immediately. Candles, qqstamp being cylindrical, will require you to carefully move your clear stamp across the side of the candle. Use great care in doing this as the stamp can slide and you will lose the impression completely. Sliding can also cause the wax to build up on your clear stamp. Press gently but firmly as you move your clear stamp around the side of the candle. If the clear stamping impression is not deep enough, heat the candle some more and re-stamp the image. This is where clear stamps come in handy as you can see exactly where you stamped before and continue with the design. Candle stamping is somewhat forgiving, but each time the wax is heated it is altered a little. The less it is heated the better the finished result will be.

Finishing Touches

To complete the design, outdoorsfan use your ink pad and gently rub it over the clear stamping impression. I have found that metallic inks work very well for this on darker-colored candles. White also offers a pleasing effect. On lighter candles, any contrasting ink will work nicely. This step adds dimension and appeal to your candle stamping craft.

Clean Up

Clean-up is not hard, basically, you just need to check your clear stamp for wax and be sure you have cleaned it all out of the design so it is ready for the next project.

Candle stamping with clear stamps is a very quick, fun project. I enjoy giving the candles I stamp away as little thank you gifts. However you look at it, stamping on candles is its own unique,  captivating form of art.


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