Golf Tournaments 2010

Many people enjoy the game of golf – not just playing it themselves, but also watching several golf tournaments on television and a live tournament. While the thrill golf lovers get from watching the masters play the game is indescribable, it is better to be watching the tournaments in person, gratishardcoresexfilms than just on TV.

Wondering just why I said so? For starters, watching tournaments on TV could make the whole game seem simple, leaving you with the thought that you too could play just as the competitors are. However, watching these masters play live in a tournament will make you realize just how hard it is to play at their level, liveasianwebcams with their professional swings. Also, for the ultimate golf fan, seeing their golf heroes in person, just a short distance away, is like a dream come true, anyone can look at their heroes on TV, but to see them in person is a great treat indeed.

When you attend a professional golf tournament, you can either follow the game of your favorite golfer or you can watch and compare all the players who play a particular hole. This also allows you the chance to observe how the professionals play the game, amateurtjes and compare their strategies to your own, learning newer and more efficient ways to improve your game.

Of late, the authorities do not allow the audiences to carry their cell phones, music players, etc. inside the tournament area, since the sound is liable to distract the players. Some tournament rules even ban the carrying of cameras into the playing field. However, do not forget to carry your supply of water and sunscreen lotion. Carry binoculars, rain gear, and a cap just to be prepared for the worst of weather.

Follow the etiquette demanded at the professional golf tournaments – the same ones that are followed in country clubs and golf courses. Cheer only when it is appropriate, and be silent when the players are taking their shots. Listen to what the volunteers ask of the audience. Don’t hound the players for their autographs and take pictures during the game, outlethomedezign there will be plenty of opportunity for all that later.


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